How can I hire you for an event and how much does it cost?

Our price can vary depending on the need of each event and what’s required of us. We know planning a event can be a lot of work and we strive to make sure the booking processes is as easy as possible and always give you the best price for your event. Our quote will be based on the type of event, venue, how many people will be attending and any additional services or expenses that may incurre.

We will typically ask these questions:

  1. How long would you like us to perform for?
  2. Is your event during the day, evening, weekday, weekend or Holiday?
  3. Will we provide all sound and lighting?
  4. How many people will be attending?

To get more info and to book us please visit the contact page or email us at

How long is your performance ?

We can play for as long as you need but typical do a 3-4 hour performance with a few breaks for the band.

How long does it take to set up and soundcheck?

A minimum of 2 hours before the show starts for set up and sound check is required. We our flexible but more time is great so the band has time to take a break before the performance to get food and refreshments.

What’s included in your basic package

.       Full P.A. Sound system and all musical equipment

* Professional stage lighting

* music playback for when the band is on break.

* Up to 4 hour show including breaks

* 70s themed attire and stage settings

Do you travel?

Yes. We will travel anywhere. If the distance is too far to drive we can fly out and rent equipment in your area.

Does the band take song requests?

We have a carefully planned and rehearsed show that is designed to keep the dance floor grooving all night. We have all the best disco songs and custom medleys of your favorite songs joined together.

If you need songs added to the show the band will have a rehearsal to fit them into our set and will include this cost into our quote.

What do I need to provide the band to play?

We bring everything we need except the power and the space to perform.

We require three 20 amp power outlets to power everything up.

We are able to fit into small spaces if needed but the more room the better.

Refreshments and snacks are also really appreciated if available

Out of town shows have more requirements in addition to the above. This could including airfare (for long distances) equipment rentals and accommodations.

Where can we see your show?

We specialize in private event entertainment but also play free public shows at local establishments in the Orange County and L.A. County area. For upcoming public showcases please check our calendar and Facebook page.